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Optically-Pumped Caesium Atomic Clock – PCAC1000

As optically pumped Cesium-beam frequency standard, the PCAC1000 has the high frequency accuracy and stability for both laboratory and field applications. A stability specification for 30-day averaging time means the PCAC1000 will keep extremely predictable time and phase for long periods. Further, the long-term averaging of noisy signals can be tested by the outputs of 10MHz sine, 5MHz sine & 1PPS in PCAC1000 and excellently satisfy the requirements of Metrology, Astronomy, Geodesy & Military, Power grid, Airport etc.

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Key features

  • Touch screen control
  • Optically-pumped
  • Menu-driven Operation
  • Easy-to-read Clock and Message Displays
  • Complete Status Information
  • Automatic Logging of Major Internal Events
  • Full Clock and Frequency Control
  • Automatic Synchronization of 1PPS Signal
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